Help Central Hudson manage the power grid and get rewarded.

Growing use of electricity has begun to strain our power grid, particularly in areas of limited transmission capacity. Select customers in these specific energy-constrained areas can now become part of a solution to alleviate the high demand for electricity that occurs during times of peak demand when usage is at its highest. You can help minimize the need for costly upgrades to our power grid and enjoy substantial rewards for your help.

There are 3 Central Hudson Peak Perks programs. Customers can participate in one program or the Central Air Conditioner Program and Pool Pump Program together.

The Central Air Conditioner Program

$85 Enrollment Reward*
+$75 Annual Reward
$160 Total Reward in your first year

Participate in the program through your choice of energy-saving device—a smart Wi-Fi thermostat or outdoor efficiency switch. Choose the thermostat for an easy way to save on heating and cooling costs. Central Hudson will equip your home with up to two that you can access remotely from your mobile device or computer.

  • Receive up to $160 your first year, $75 every additional year
  • Optimize your household heating and cooling energy efficiency
  • Check and adjust your home temperature from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Program through a secure, personalized web portal

The Whole Home Generator Program

$250 Installation Reward per generator
$250 Annual Reward every year you participate
$50 Annual “Fuel” Reward every year you participate

As part of Central Hudson Peak Perks, Central Hudson has developed a new offer that will reward you with up to $550 this year and $300 every subsequent year.

Participants in Peak Perks get paid to conserve electricity during critical demand periods*. Now, customers like you can get paid just by using your whole home generator during these peak periods. It’s easy: A free device provided by Central Hudson will switch on your generator automatically.

  • You’ll also receive six FREE energy-saving LED light bulbs after installation

The Pool Pump Program

$85 Enrollment Reward*
+$50 Annual Reward
$135 Total Reward in your first year

Participate in the program through an efficiency switch we install near your pool pump. This switch is only remotely activated during times of peak electricity demand. You help save energy automatically when it counts most.

Central Hudson Peak Perks programs enable you to manage and reduce electricity consumption during times of peak usage when it counts the most. This peak demand for electricity occurs only occasionally, on the hottest summer days when tens of thousands of central air conditioners are running. Central Hudson Peak Perks lessens the load, helping to relieve strain on the power grid and avoid costly infrastructure upgrades that would otherwise be needed to meet growing demand.

The more people who participate in Central Hudson Peak Perks, the more effective the programs become. We hope you’ll join us in this important step forward for all of us in the Hudson Valley.

* The Enrollment Reward is a one-time check paid within 30 days of the installation of your energy-saving device.

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