How Cycling Works

Automatically conserve energy when electricity use is at its peak

Between June 1 and September 30, demand for electricity soars. During these times, the Central Hudson Peak Perks Central Air Conditioner Program automatically engages the central air conditioning systems of participating businesses in a “conservation event”.

When a conservation event occurs, Central Hudson Gas & Electric will send a wireless signal to your smart thermostat to cycle the central air conditioner’s compressor. The compressor then operates on and off in 10 to 15 minute intervals until energy supply and demand are once again balanced. Your facility’s central air conditioner is never “turned off”—its compressor just operates half the time it did in the hour before the conservation event. The central air conditioner’s fan will continue to run during the conservation event, circulating air throughout the building.

If your facility’s central air conditioner is off during the hour preceding the conservation event, it will remain off for the duration of the event. If you turn it on at any point during the course of an event, the central air conditioner’s compressor will only operate 15 minutes of every half hour until the event concludes. At that time, the compressor will return to full operation, cooling the building down to your thermostat temperature setting.

A typical conservation event causes an average 1 to 3 degree rise in temperature. The temperature increase of a facility during this time will depend on many variables: outside temperature, size of the air conditioner, sunlight coming through the windows and the length of the conservation event. Most participants in similar programs across the country don’t notice when a conservation event is occurring.

A typical conservation event will last for at least one-half hour, and may last up to four hours. Central Hudson expects five to ten conservation events between June 1 and September 30. A conservation event is most likely to occur on a weekday afternoon when electricity demand is at its peak.

Your smart thermostat and energy manager portal will notify you that a conservation event is taking place. If you’re at work, you can choose to shift your high energy appliance use to after the conservation event ends.

You have the option of overriding two conservation events each summer. Just call us if you need to opt out.

Every kilowatt of electricity not generated during a conservation event helps:

  • Keep our electricity rates lower over the long term
  • Reduce the amount of carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with peak power generation
  • Minimize the need for costly new infrastructure