How the Central Air Conditioner Program Works: Outdoor Efficiency Switch

Central Hudson Peak Perks helps your business and your community

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Central Hudson Peak Perks helps your business and your community

Already have a smart thermostat? Choose to have an outdoor efficiency switch installed instead.

1. Central Hudson Peak Perks outdoor efficiency switch installed

Installation of a switch near your facility’s central A/C unit does not require an appointment if the unit is safely accessible. There’s no charge for the installation, which generally takes a little over an hour.

2. Wireless signal sent

When demand for electricity in the Hudson Valley peaks, we’ll send a wireless signal that will “cycle” the compressor(s) of your central air conditioning unit(s) on and off. Typically these conservation events occur on occasional weekday afternoons in the summer when electricity use is at its peak.

3. Conduct business as usual

If you are like most people in similar programs across the country, you may not notice a change in your home’s temperature. A typical conservation event may raise it just 1 to 3 degrees. Your central air conditioner’s fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home during a conservation event.

4. Balance the demand for electricity

As your central air conditioner’s compressor (along with those of other participants) is cycling, the demand for energy is reduced. As a result, less electricity needs to be generated and transmitted to your facility, which keeps energy costs lower as well as reduces carbon emissions and other pollutants associated with electricity generation.

5. Your central air conditioner’s compressor switches back on

When demand for electricity is reduced to an acceptable level, your facility’s central air conditioner’s compressor automatically returns to standard operation.

6. We reward you for your help

Shortly after installation of your thermostat, you receive a $125 Enrollment Reward check. You also receive a prorated Annual Reward check of up to $75 after the close of the program season and each following year you participate.