The Central Hudson Peak Perks Smart Wi-Fi® Thermostat

Save more energy. Save more money.

As a Central Air Conditioner program participant, you’ll receive up to two FREE smart thermostats, professionally installed in your home.

You’ll be able to adjust and program your smart thermostat(s) securely from any computer or mobile device with wireless Internet access. You can be as hands-on with your energy management as you choose. React immediately to changes in your schedule or set it, forget it and save using one of three preset programs or one you can customize to your routine.

In summer, turn up your smart thermostat when you’re away from home. Cool off your home just before you return. In winter, turn the heat down when you’re away and warm it up just before you return.

Operating your new, smart Wi-Fi thermostat(s) is safe and easy:

  • Program from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Customize a program using seven-day/four-interval settings
  • Select from three preset lifestyle programs
  • View information at a glance on a large, high-resolution LCD display

Your new thermostat learns your comfort preferences, then finds opportunities to automatically save you energy and money. It also offers valuable energy-saving advice based on your thermostat and portal usage. Although the system operates automatically, you can act on these personalized tips to save even more—so you’re always in control.

The Central Hudson Peak Perks smart Wi-Fi thermostat and energy manager portal make it easy to be more energy efficient—anytime, anywhere.

Download the manual for your smart thermostat now.