Turn Your Generator Into A Cash Machine.

Great news for Whole Home generator owners!

As part of Central Hudson Peak Perks, Central Hudson has developed a new offer that will reward you with up to $550 this year and $300 every subsequent year.

Participants in Peak Perks get paid to conserve electricity during critical demand periods*. Now, customers like you can get paid just by using your whole home generator during these peak periods. It’s easy: A free device provided by Central Hudson will switch on your generator automatically.


  • 10 kW or higher natural gas or liquid propane whole home generator with automatic transfer switch
  • Ability to receive a cellular signal at the generator site
  • Premises located in designated energy-constrained areas
  • Must have a working generator able to perform during an event


  • Allow for installation of a two-way outdoor switch to enable communication with the generator during a conservation event
  • Allow for up to four (4) hours of reduction during a typical demand period and up to eight (8) hours during a system-wide emergency, utilizing your whole home generator


  • $250 Installation Reward per generator
  • $250 Annual Reward every year you participate
  • $50 Annual “Fuel” Reward every year you participate
  • You’ll also receive six FREE energy-saving LED light bulbs after installation

* The number of conservation events depends on many factors, including weather, peak electricity demand, and wholesale energy costs. Central Hudson Peak Perks is only activated during times of critically high electricity demand, emergency conditions, or system testing. Central Hudson Gas & Electric estimates there will be five to ten events a year.