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Program Rules and Customer Agreement

Central Hudson Gas & Electric – Peak Perks My Thermostat Rewards (MTR) Program Rules

The following Program Rules and Customer Agreement pertain only to Central Hudson Gas & Electric customers in Targeted Demand Management (TDM) load zones.


  • Open to Central Hudson Gas & Electric residential and small commercial customers named on electric accounts in TDM load zones.
  • MTR Participants must have wireless internet connectivity (Wi-Fi) and a central heat ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system or a heat pump and central heat. Homes with window air conditioning units or multi-zone systems are not eligible. Heat only systems are not eligible for this program.
  • MTR Participants must have an eligible MTR Thermostat, as listed in the Eligible Smart Thermostats section below.
  • Current Peak Perks Participants with eligible MTR Thermostats are permitted to participate with their thermostats, but will not be eligible to receive the enrollment incentive. Central Hudson Gas & Electric reserves the right to review any exception to this restriction.
  • MTR Participants must own and have control of the residence’s thermostat.


  • MTR Participants will receive a $150 enrollment incentive payment and a $50 annual participation incentive payment per device.
  • If an MTR Participant drops out of the MTR program before the end of the conservation season (i.e., before September 30 of any MTR program year) or opts out of more than two conservation events, the annual incentive will not be paid.
  • Enrollment incentives will be paid within twelve (12) weeks of when enrollment has been confirmed.
  • Annual participation incentives will be credited to Participants’ bills within one month of the end of the program year. If a participant opts out of the program in the same month in which they enrolled, they will forfeit any incentives.

Change Participation Status:

  • If MTR Participants inform Central Hudson Gas & Electric they wish to be removed from the program, their thermostat will be deactivated from the program, they will cease to participate in conservation events, and they will not be eligible for the annual participation incentive for that season.

Conservation Events:

  • Conservation events will occur June 1 through September 30, between noon and 8 p.m., will last for at least one-half (1/2) hour, and may last for up to four (4) hours. In the event of a regional or system-wide emergency, events may last longer than 4 hours.
  • Conservation events will not occur on weekends or federal holidays.
  • MTR Participants must participate in all conservation events, but may opt out of two events each conservation season (June through September). Excessive opt-outs or persistent and/or lengthy periods of disconnection may disqualify the MTR Participant from the program and all future cash incentives.
  • NYISO, the state’s electrical transmission authority, could require emergency Conservation Events for regional reliability reasons any time of year, for which Central Hudson Gas & Electric may, for compliance, be required to cycle air conditioners and heat pumps. Customer may not opt out of an NYISO conservation event.

Eligible Smart Thermostats:

To participate in the MTR program, currently eligible customers must control any of the following thermostats: Honeywell Home Smart Thermostats

  • RTH9590
  • RTH9580
  • TH9320WF5003
  • RTH8580WF
  • RTH6580WF

All MTR Participants must (a) have an active account linked with Resideo Technologies Inc.; (b) have an installed qualifying Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat controlling an air conditioning unit at Participant’s service address; and (c) agree to the conditions set forth in the Resideo Technologies Inc. service agreement.